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Foxhole #5 – Jack Kirby cover

Foxhole v1 #5, 1955 - Fiery pinks and reds seem to suggest the heat of battle on this intensely hued cover. Jack Kirby employs a single figure as the focal point of his layout. Cocked for a grenade throw, the soldier's arms and legs extend out to fill available space. His rifle's bayonet points menacingly at the masthead. Lesser know for his work on war comics, Kirby proves himself a master of Read the rest of this entry »

Bernie Wrightson Gallery – Swamp Thing issues

Swamp Thing #1 Swamp Thing #2 Swamp Thing #3 Swamp Thing #4 Swamp Thing #5 Swamp Thing #6 Swamp Thing #7 Swamp Thing #8 Swamp Thing #9 Swamp Thing #10 Read the rest of this entry »

Savage Sword of Conan #26 – Jim Starlin cover

Savage Sword of Conan v1 #26, 1978 - A simple, yet daring composition makes this issue's cover all the more striking. This is Jim Starlin's one and only effort for the series. Monochromatic green hues allow Conan's figure to stand out. The pile of decapitated heads on the lower right is a nice touch, suggesting the hopelessness of the moment. Other artists in this issue include John Buscema, Tony Read the rest of this entry »

Incredible Hulk v2 annual #14 – John Byrne cover

Incredible Hulk v2 annual #14, 1985 - Monsters surround and overwhelm the Hulk on this merely adequate Sal Buscema cover. Devoid of shadows, the scene's color palette is left to create the illusion of depth. John Byrne's inks are clearly effective, adding texture and interest to an otherwise dull cover. Other artists in this issue include Sal Buscema. This is number 2 of 2 Incredible Hulk v2 Read the rest of this entry »

Diary Secrets #24 – Matt Baker cover & reprint

Diary Secrets v1 #24, 1954 - At the local malt shop, two teenage girls vie for the same boy. Credit goes to Matt Baker for making this scene naturalistic and believable. The body language and facial expressions reinforce the tone. The arc of the jukebox in the background nicely frames the central character. Notice how the commotion draws no reaction from the boy being fought over. Inside the Read the rest of this entry »

House of Secrets #65 – Alex Toth art

House of Secrets v1 #65, 1963 - Offered a cure for his affliction, Bruce Gordon is lured to a scientific compound where Eclipso becomes an unwilling slave. Set initially at a carnival, Alex Toth's visuals are festive yet clear and concise. These same drawings are accompanied by varied and purposeful layouts. On pages 3-4, the villain's attempted escape on a roller coaster (see interior page Read the rest of this entry »

Daredevil #10 – Wally Wood art & cover

Daredevil v1 #10, 1965 - The mysterious Organizer forms a new team of criminals, intent on thievery and corruption. Matching their personalities and physical characteristics, Birdman, Apeman, Catman and Frogman run afoul of Daredevil. Wally Wood nears the end of his run on this title, providing pencils and inks over Bob Powell's layouts. The artwork is kinetic and well executed, from the initial Read the rest of this entry »

Kid Colt Outlaw #57 – Al Williamson art

Kid Colt Outlaw v1 #57, 1956 - A gang of criminals seeks revenge on a small town sheriff, who decides to fight rather than run. Exceptional in its execution, Al Williamson's art captures the somber mood perfectly. His fine brushwork and detail enhance the characters' faces and clothing (see interior page above). The artistry even extends to the sole outdoor scene (page 4), depicting the gang's Read the rest of this entry »

Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #32 – Carl Barks art

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories v1 #32, 1943 - When his nephews buy a lucky rabbit's foot, Donald Duck sets out to prove they were scammed through a series of tests. Carl Barks' artwork is better than most, but there is a stiffness to his drawings. Pacing and layout also lack his usual polish. Other characters featured in this issue include Mickey Mouse and Little Hiawatha. See today's posts or Read the rest of this entry »

Our Army at War #195 – Joe Kubert art & cover

Our Army at War v1 #195 featuring Sgt. Rock, 1968 - When a wedding in the French countryside is interrupted by a Nazi advance, Sgt. Rock and the Kid Guerrillas of Unit 3 try to reunite the couple for better or worse. The cover frames the main characters within a view from the window, a all-too-common technique by Joe Kubert. Inside, the artist meets the challenge of placing and coordinating the Read the rest of this entry »