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Savage Sword of Conan #17 – Walt Simonson art

Savage Sword of Conan v1 #17, 1977 - Walt Simonson wraps up the history of the Hyborian Age. Robert E. Howard’s fictitious ancient past segues into the earliest civilizations we know of today. Perhaps slightly less crafted than his previous chapters, Walt Simonson’s drawings retain their uniqueness and excitement. His layouts are varied enough, alternating between strong vertical and horizontal Read the rest of this entry »

Bernie Wrightson Gallery – House of Mystery covers

House of Mystery #193 House of Mystery #194 House of Mystery #195 House of Mystery #204 House of Mystery #207 House of Mystery #209 House of Mystery #211 House of Mystery #213 House of Mystery #214 House of Mystery #217 House of Mystery #221 House of Mystery #231 House of Mystery #236 House of Mystery #255 House of Mystery #256 Read the rest of this entry »

Flash Gordon v4 #31 – Al Williamson reprint & cover reprint

Flash Gordon v4 #31, 1981 - Part one of a three part adaptation of the Flash Gordon movie, this was first printed in trade paperback. As I mentioned in that post, the better paper stock contributed to overly garish colors. Ironically, these reprint issues on newsprint resulted in muted colors that further enhanced Al Williamson's artwork. While not normally a fan of reprints, Flash Gordon v4 # Read the rest of this entry »

Teen-age Romances #11 – Matt Baker art & cover

Teen-age Romances v1 #11, 1950 - Matt Baker's cover and three stories are competently drawn, each featuring a girl with her own conundrum. In "Love Made Me an Outcast", a high school student learns the consequence of a hallway kiss and "I Had a Love Debt" features a woman who spends her commission all too quickly. "Could I Live Down My Past?" carries the theme of a girl's sullied reputation. Read the rest of this entry »

Dark Mysteries #2 – Wally Wood cover

Dark Mysteries v1 #2, 1951 - With an enormous skull as a backdrop, legions of winged creatures swarm around a young boy. A copy of this same issue is stuffed in his coat pocket. Wally Wood's second cover on the series is even better than his first. Busy without seeming chaotic, the layout is clear and manageable. Wood's excellent pencils are reinforced by Joe Orlando's sensitively applied shading Read the rest of this entry »

All Star Western #99 – Frank Frazetta reprint

All Star Western v1 #58, 1958 - In addition to new material featuring the Trigger Twins, this issue boasts a short Frank Frazetta reprint from Jimmy Wakely #7. Other artists in this issue include Gil Kane, Sid Greene and Frank Giacoia. See today's posts or more Frazetta or All-Star Western issues. See also this blog's Frazetta checklist or Top 10 Frazetta comics. - - - - - - - - - - Find on ebay Read the rest of this entry »

X-Men #8 – Jack Kirby art & cover (1st Unus the Untouchable)

X-Men v1 #8, 1964 - Encountering a mutant who's literally untouchable, the X-Men must devise an unusual plan of attack. Jack Kirby's radial-designed cover leads into a more complex, yet unified opening splash. His artwork is capable throughout, augmenting his fine storytelling. Chic Stone's inks are just adequate. Included in this issue is a terrific pin-up page of the Beast. This is number 8 of Read the rest of this entry »

Showcase #101 / Hawkman – Joe Kubert cover

Showcase v1 #101 featuring Hawkman, 1978 - Viewed from an alien spaceship, Hawkman, Hawkgirl and Adam Strange begin their assault. The large oval window frames the heroes and creates a strong focal point. Their magnification also allows Joe Kubert to diminish the alien threat. Other artists in this issue include Al Milgrom and Murphy Anderson. This is number 16 of 19 Showcase issues with Kubert Read the rest of this entry »

Roy Rogers and Trigger #144 – Russ Manning art

Roy Rogers and Trigger v1 #144, 1958 - A woman suspects a former hired hand is her father’s killer, but the judge sets him free due to lack of evidence. Dale Evans steps in to try to find out the truth. Russ Manning’s last story on the series, his artwork is dependable in it secularity. HIs layouts are on the tamer side than usual. The story’s climax on page 4 could have also benefitted from Read the rest of this entry »

Pictorial Romances #7 – Matt Baker art & cover

Pictorial Romances v1 #7, 1951 - Based on the predictions of a fortune teller, a young woman attaches herself to the wrong man. Matt Baker's opening splash introduces the main character, her legs revealed by an all-too convenient breeze. Typical of the genre, text and dialogue fill the pages. However, this doesn't stop the artist from adding splendid details on almost every panel. Baker's cover Read the rest of this entry »