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Mister Miracle #18 – Jack Kirby art & cover

Mister Miracle v1 #18, 1974 - An impromptu wedding between Big Barda and Scott Free attracts not only friends but a multitude of enemies. Jack Kirby finishes the series on a respectable note, managing a large cast of characters from the New Gods to Darkseid and his minions. The cover's humorous approach belies the almost non-stop action scenes inside. Toward the end, the panels are more numerous Read the rest of this entry »

Blackhawk #266 – Don Newton art

Blackhawk v1 #266, 1983 - A back-up tale sheds some light on Olaf, the Blackhawks' Swedish member. He visits old friends from his circus performing days, only to evade Nazi soldiers attending their performance. Don Newton takes a little too much liberty on page two, distorting Olaf's face to the point of distraction. Otherwise his drawings are fine, particularly Olaf's transition into a disguise Read the rest of this entry »

Piracy v2 #2 – Wally Wood, Al Williamson reprints

Piracy v2 #2, 1998 - Like the previous issue, this modern age issue reprints the stories in Piracy #2 in their entirety. This includes wonderful work by Al Williamson, Wally Wood, Jack Davis and Reed Crandall. See today's posts or more Williamson, Wood or more Piracy issues. See also this blog's Williamson checklist or Wood checklist. - - - - - - - - - - Find on ebay: >this issue, >more Read the rest of this entry »

Authentic Police Cases #12 – Matt Baker art & cover

Authentic Police Cases v1 #12, 1951 - Matt Baker's police line-up covers fairly static compared to others in the same series, but no less interesting. The figures create a series of strong verticals, broken only by the diagonal placement of the accuser's arm. Though unrelated, two Baker stories inside. The first covers a crook's elaborate impersonation of an army officer in post-war Italy, while Read the rest of this entry »

Walt Disney Comics Digest #43 – Carl Barks reprint

Walt Disney Comics Digest v1 #43, 1972 - Many of these digest-sized issues reprint stories and artwork by Carl Barks. Included in this edition is "The Bear Tamer", first published in Four Color Comics v2 #1095. Other artists in this issue include Tony Strobl. See today's posts or more Barks or Walt Disney Comics Digest issues. See also this blog's Barks checklist. - - - - - - - - - - Find on Read the rest of this entry »

Fantastic Four Roast #1 – John Byrne, Frank Miller, Marshall Rogers, Steve Ditko art

Fantastic Four Roast v1 #1, 1982 - Marvel Comics takes a less serious look at its vaunted universe with this one-shot issue. A formal roast of the Fantastic Four features a gathering of heroes, each providing a humorous jab at the famous quartet. Fred Hembeck's script echoes his delightfully goofy wrap around cover. The artistic chores inside feature a bevy of talented artists, uncredited but Read the rest of this entry »

Savage Sword of Conan #8 – Walt Simonson art, Frank Brunner cover

Savage Sword of Conan v1 #8, 1975 - The second chapter of the Hyborian Age chronicles the aftermath of a global disaster. With Atlantis and Lemuria destroyed, civilization descends into barbarism. Walt Simonson captures the savagery of the era in his graphically busy style. No splash pages occur in this story, although large panels appear frequently. Simonson’s work continues to be distinctive, Read the rest of this entry »

X-Men Classics #1 – Neal Adams reprints

X-Men Classics v1 #1, 1983 - Printed on better quality paper, this limited series reprints nearly all of Neal Adams' classic stories from the late 1960s. This particular issue re-presents X-men #57, X-men #58 and X-men #59 (part 1 of 2). The originals are better in my opinion. Other artists in this issue include Mike Zeck and Tom Palmer. See today's posts or more Adams or X-men Classics issues. Read the rest of this entry »

Two-Fisted Tales #21 – Wally Wood art

Two-Fisted Tales v1 #21, 1951 - During World War Two, US ships braved the frigid north Atlantic to bring supplies to the besieged Russians. Nazi u-boats were the most common and dangerous threat to the suppliers. Wally Wood's depictions give readers a sobering view of the rough seas and numbingly cold weather that sailors had to endure. On page two, a merchant marine's face is dramatically lit Read the rest of this entry »

Space War #10 – Steve Ditko art & cover

Space War v1 #10, 1961 - Accidentally caught in an h-bomb explosion, a man is transformed into an ethereal, floating entity. Steve Ditko does his best with this odd little tale. Contrasting shadows, outlines and even pointillism enables readers to see the “invisible” main character. Some techniques are frankly better than others. The title page layout is somewhat clumsy, followed by a repetitive Read the rest of this entry »