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Northwest Mounties #3 – Matt Baker art

Northwest Mounties v1 #3, 1949 -  A pair of determined mounties track down two wanted criminals in the vast wilderness. One of fugitives, curiously, uses a bow and arrow to defend himself and avoid capture. Like many golden age Matt Baker stories, the visuals tell the story in a clean, engaging style. The panels tend to be small and full of dialogue, but a larger opening panel partially makes up Read the rest of this entry »

Haunted #3 – Steve Ditko art & cover

Steve Ditko Haunted v1 #3, 1972 - Distressed over premonitions of her husband's death, a businessman's wife travels across the world to try to save him. Steve Ditko's third issue of Haunted demonstrates a mastery of line and texture. The opening full page is superbly composed despite the lackluster typography. Frequent close-ups of character's faces are haunting and expressive. Ditko's chaotic Read the rest of this entry »

Marvel Chillers #3 – Bernie Wrightson cover

Bernie Wrightson Marvel Chillers v1 #3 featuring Tigra the Were-woman, 1976 - Tigra the Were-woman begins in her own solo series, her second appearance since Giant Size Creatures #1. Bernie Wrightson inks over a typically character-centered Gil Kane cover. It is a roughly applied effort, evidenced by the lack of definition on the bystanders below. Still, his style is more evident here than on Read the rest of this entry »

Warlock v2 #4 – Jim Starlin art, cover & reprints

Jim Starlin Warlock v2 #4, 1982 - Jim Starlin's new splash page serves as an intro to the second half reprint of Warlock #12. Warlock #13, Warlock #14 and Warlock #15 are reprinted in their entirety. Starlin's new wrap-around cover recreates earlier scenes, but pales by comparison to his original works. This is number 4 of 6 Warlock v2 issues with Starlin art and/or covers. See today's posts Read the rest of this entry »

Thrilling Romances #24 – Alex Toth art

Thrilling Romances v1 #24, 1952 - Head over heels in love, Amy follows a high school boy around incessantly. He soon catches the eye of her visiting cousin, an older, glamorous girl from the big city. Alex Toth’s sensitive drawings rest upon impeccably designed layouts. Pacing and sequencing are masterfully planned, utilizing silent panels, silhouettes and differing perspectives (see interior Read the rest of this entry »

Crazy Magazine #2 – Neal Adams art

Crazy Magazine v1 #2, 1973 - Neal Adams displays his sillier side with a parody of McCloud, the 1970s tv detective series starring Dennis Weaver. Although he brings a realistic draftsmanship to the drawings, the slightly exaggerated faces and figures are enough to fit the satirical mood. The resulting pages have an unexpected grace and splendor. Adams' impact is much less felt on the James Read the rest of this entry »

Space War #8 – Steve Ditko art & cover

Steve Ditko Space War v1 #8, 1960 - Radiated by a nuclear flash, a spaceman quarantines himself from Earth, only to be reduced by alien outcasts. Credit to Steve Ditko for his enthusiastic and robust effort. Each page is finely detailed and lovingly drawn. The (mostly) outer space settings are awash in stars and planets, suggesting a universe teeming with life. As usual, Ditko’s inventive Read the rest of this entry »

Weird War Tales #9 – non-attributed Alex Nino art

Weird War Tales v1 #9, 1972 - In the future, the US east and west coasts wage nuclear war, determined to finish each other off. Though set on Earth, Alex Nino's tale (his first on the series) has an otherworldly look and feel. This is reinforced by sharply drawn lines and willfully distorted shapes. Some of Nino's panels have a textural quality, perfectly suited to the technological settings. Read the rest of this entry »

Gunsmoke Western #34 – Matt Baker art

Gunsmoke Western v1 #34, 1956 - Matt Baker's impressive first panel depicts a stagecoach embarking on its journey. This large drawing's lack of a border or frame nicely suggests the openness of the frontier. The characters match several western archetypes, from the toughened cowboy to the fearful city slicker. Despite only four pages, Baker tells the story with great efficiency. The Read the rest of this entry »

Predator vs Magnus Robot Fighter #2 – Barry Windsor Smith cover

Predator vs Magnus Robot Fighter v1 #2, 1992 - In contrast to the previous cover, Barry Windsor Smith uses a lighter touch in his illustration. The dark and ominous tone has been replaced by solitude and spaciousness. The portraits of Magnus and a partially invisible Predator are oddly overlapped, leaving a large amount of negative space for the background. Not one of Smith's strongest Read the rest of this entry »