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Jim Starlin Gallery – DC Comics Presents covers

Dc Comics Presents #26 DC Comics Presents #27 DC Comics Presents #28 DC Comics Presents #29 DC Comics Presents #36 DC Comics Presents #37 DC Comics Presents #93 Read the rest of this entry »

Superman: The Secret Years #4 – Frank Miller cover

Frank Miller Superman: The Secret Years v1 #4, 1985 - Superman flies joyously with a bald eagle, overtly symbolizing his American patriotism. Frank Miller relegates his inks to the bird alone, contrasting against the largely outlined figure. The result is a Superman that looks oddly and disturbingly muscle-bound, even by comic book standards. Miller's final cover of the series is sadly also Read the rest of this entry »

Star Hunters #1 – Don Newton art

Star Hunters v1 #1, 1977 - This science fiction series continues from the Star Hunters' first appearance in DC Super Stars #16. Don Newton illustrates this premiere issue before relinquishing it to other artists. Like the aforementioned issue, Newton's layouts are solidly designed and his pencils add an instant credibility. A few pages are dampened by Bob Layton's passive inking, but not to the Read the rest of this entry »

Lovers #30 – Joe Kubert art

Lovers v1 #30, 1950 - Joe Kubert adeptly draws a tale of a small town girl turned movie star. Narrated by her best friend, most of the scenes are interactions between the various characters. The artwork is straightforward while maintaining clarity. Kubert shines brightest on the first panel, showing the friend's arrival amidst the glamorous symbols of Hollywood. Other artists in this issue Read the rest of this entry »

Solarman #2 – Nestor Redondo art & cover

Nestor Redondo Solarman v1 #2, 1989 - Marvel Comics created this character with aspirations for an animated television show, but never went beyond the two issues in this series. Nestor Redondo, having never drawn for this publisher before, provides the inks over Mike Zeck's pencils. Their collaborative cover is fairly typical for the genre, yet there is a simplicity in the rendering and color Read the rest of this entry »

Daring Love #1 – Steve Ditko art (1st pro work)

Daring Love v1 #1, 1953 - Published by Gilmore Magazines, this one-shot romance issue was retitled Radiant Love and lasted a mere six issues. The cover seems boldly implicit in its sexuality, similar to pulp paperbacks targeted toward male audiences of the era. Yet the interior stories are typically standard (and mild) romantic fare for teenage girls. The farmer's daughter theme is repeated Read the rest of this entry »

Goofy Comics #31 – Frank Frazetta art

Goofy Comics v1 #23, 1949 - Frank Frazetta provides three illustrations for three separate text stories. Both "The Colt Who Wanted to Sing" and "Spotted Snob" have a surprisingly high level of craft despite the genre. They are generous sized in proportion, allowing more room for creativity. Although not fully detailed, Frazetta provides just enough information to supplement the text. "Little Read the rest of this entry »

Marvel Fanfare #30 – Al Williamson art

Marvel Fanfare v1 #30, 1987 - The senseless slaughter of a herd of deer summons an earth elemental to seek justice. A vacationing Steven Grant dons his Moon Knight costume to intervene. Brent Anderson does a decent job with the pencils, but Al Williamson's inks raise the level of the artwork. His style is ever present, without being dominant. The drawings as a whole have a calmness and fluidity Read the rest of this entry »

Walt Disney Comics Digest #8 – Carl Barks reprint

Walt Disney Comics Digest v1 #8, 1969 - Many of these digest-sized issues reprint stories and artwork by Carl Barks. Included in this edition is "The Prize of Pizarro", first published in Uncle Scrooge #26. Other artists in this issue include Tony Strobl. See today's posts or more Barks or Walt Disney Comics Digest issues. See also this blog's Barks checklist. - - - - - - - - - - Find on ebay: Read the rest of this entry »

Green Lantern v2 #187 – non-attributed Marshall Rogers art

Green Lantern v2 #187, 1985 – In this Tales of the Green Lantern Corps backup tale, a Green Lantern from a remote planet uses her civilian glass blowing skills to foil interplanetary thieves. The artwork by Marshall Rogers is fairly straightforward, but well crafted (so to speak) nonetheless. While some panels appear sterile within their simplistic layouts, the long view of an alien cityscape ( Read the rest of this entry »