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Warlock v2 #1 – Jim Starlin art, cover & reprints

Jim Starlin Warlock v2 #1, 1982 - Commemorating Jim Starlin's historic run on Warlock, this series re-presents his original stories on better quality paper. Strange Tales #178, Strange Tales #179, and part of Strange Tales #180 are printed in sharper, brighter colors. Starlin contributes a new wrap-around cover featuring a multitude of characters from the series. The artist also draws the Read the rest of this entry »

Fantastic Fears #5 – Steve Ditko art

Fantastic Fears v1 #5, 1954 - After a lifetime of enduring brittle bones, a cynical old man ingests a newly invented pill to help his condition. One of Steve Ditko's first solo efforts in comics, "Stretching Things" displays the artist's talent for depicting the grotesque. He also employs several visual techniques that enhance the storytelling. The view through the skylight on page four, panel Read the rest of this entry »

Green Lantern v2 #77 – Neal Adams art & cover

Neal Adams Green Lantern / Green Arrow v2 #77, 1970 - With the help of Green Lantern and Green Arrow, a small mining community rises up against their tyrannical boss. Neal Adams provides some stunning layouts, only to be partially diminished by Frank Giacoia's imposing inks. The artwork as a whole lacks the nuance of other stories in the series, but there are still a few notable pages and Read the rest of this entry »

Power Man and Iron Fist #74 – Frank Miller cover

Frank Miller Power Man v1 #74, 1981 - On this ninja-themed cover, Frank Miller displays a keen sense of design. His careful placement of the figures is complex but cohesive. The layout is comprised of diagonal, intersecting lines, used to maximize movement and tension. Note the determination on Luke Cage's face as he makes eye contact with the viewer, pulling us closer to the action. Other Read the rest of this entry »

Weird War Tales #89 – Jim Starlin cover

Jim Starlin Weird War Tales v1 #89, 1980 - Nazi gorillas on the rampage? Jim Starlin renders these beasts as few others can. Armed, active and teeth bared, this menacing platoon draw closer and closer toward the viewer. Their size and mass even dwarfs their own weapons. Dominating the background, a huge swastika flag fills the space behind the masthead. Other artists in this issue include Read the rest of this entry »

Spectacular Spider-man v2 #101 – John Byrne cover

John Byrne Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-man v2 #101, 1985 - Spider-man's black costume era was the perfect excuse for a black and white cover design. John Byrne had made previous attempts on other titles, but this one exceeds them all. Shape and form define the central character and surrounding skyscrapers. Not only do the window patterns create perspective and depth, but their sheer Read the rest of this entry »

Authentic Police Cases #13 – Matt Baker art & cover

Matt Baker Authentic Police Cases v1 #13, 1951 - A pair of jewel thieves make short work of the wealthy homes along Florida's gold coast. Matt Baker's art meets expectations, conveying both the extravagant and the rural settings in this crime story. Even the small panels provide plenty of visual information. As usual, his figure drawings are as precise as they are beautiful. Ironically, page Read the rest of this entry »

House of Mystery #283 – Alex Nino art, Joe Kubert cover

Joe Kubert House of Mystery v1 #283, 1978 - A scientist returns from a remote island with his native bride, only to suspect her of poisoning him. Alex Nino's layouts are exceptional, coupled with his raw drawing style. The large borderless panel on page one makes the living room setting more spacious and open. Nino's monsters are among the most grotesque in DC horror comics, including his Read the rest of this entry »

Frontline Combat #13 – Wally Wood art & cover

Wally Wood Frontline Combat v1 #13, 1953 - A World War I biplane makes a strafing run, killing numerous Nazis on the ground. Wally Wood's frenetic cover, though meticulously drawn, lacks a strong focal point in the overall design. Inside, his Medieval-era tale of a young shepherd is quieter and more idyllic. Wood's depiction of peaceful forests contrasts against the violent scenes of a castle Read the rest of this entry »

Vampirella #33 – Jeff Jones, Bernie Wrightson art

Vampirella v1 #33, 1974 - A caveman sacrifices to his horned god in this short two page story that resides on the inside front and inside back covers. Jeff Jones and Bernie Wrightson are credited with the illustrations. Interestingly, rather than one artist pencilling and the other inking, they took turns drawing alternating panels. Jones' work is colored black while Wrightson's is red. This Read the rest of this entry »