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Sherlock Holmes v2 #1 – Walt Simonson cover

Walt Simonson Sherlock Holmes v2 #1, 1975 - This odd one-shot issue appears to have been part of DC's adventure genre wave during the mid 1970s. Walt Simonson contributes a cover that seems inappropriately cartoonish. The style suggests it was drawn perhaps a few years earlier than the 1975 publication date. The inclusion of the killer's shadow behind Dr. Watson, while not original, adds a key Read the rest of this entry »

Charlie Chan #6 – Jack Kirby cover

Jack Kirby Charlie Chan v1 #6, 1955 - Picking up where Prize Comics left off, Charlton continues the series featuring one of the world's greatest detectives. Perhaps left over from the first series is this dynamic Jack Kirby cover. More action-oriented than usual, Chan's "number one son" commands more attention than his father. Oddly enough, Charlie Chan's face looks inconsistent in style Read the rest of this entry »

Warlock v2 #3 – Jim Starlin cover & reprints

Jim Starlin Warlock v2 #3, 1982 - Re-presenting Warlock #10, Warlock #11 and part of Warlock #12, this issue also sports a new wrap-around cover by Jim Starlin. The figures appear much stiffer compared to earlier works and weaker in composition. Like the previous issues in this series, the newer reproductions are brighter and more garish. This is number 3 of 6 Warlock v2 issues with Starlin Read the rest of this entry »

Young Love #73 – Alex Toth art

Young Love #73, 1969 - A young woman loses her affection for her boyfriend, only to find out he feels exactly the same way. Alex Toth's drawing style became more minimalist during the bronze age, but more experimental with page layout and pacing. Despite the sappy plot, the artist treats it with all due seriousness and sensitivity. His opening splash page of the couple embracing in an apartment Read the rest of this entry »

Marvel Team Up #59 – John Byrne art

Marvel Team-Up v1 #59, 1977 - John Byrne picks up the series again after his absence from the previous three issues. Spider-man is joined by Yellowjacket and the Wasp to tamp down the threat of the villain Equinox. The first two pages depict Spider-man under attack from two different elements. This coincides with the title's division across both pages, but the impact is much less interesting Read the rest of this entry »

The Spectre #4 – Neal Adams art & cover

Neal Adams The Spectre v1 #4, 1968 - Through mysterious circumstances, a small boy is possessed by an entity with globally destructive powers. The Spectre travels to multiple places in space and time, demanding a wide variety of scenes and settings. Neal Adams skillfully meets this challenge, drawing everything from plagues of locusts to alien warcraft (see interior page shown below). His Read the rest of this entry »

Elektra Lives Again – Frank Miller art & cover

Frank Miller Elektra Lives Again graphic novel, 1990 - Several years after Frank Miller's tremendous run on Daredevil, the artist/writer returns to feature Elektra in her own graphic novel. Continuing from events in Daredevil #190, the female assassin is resurrected to thwart the deadly ninja organization known as The Hand. This ambitious hardcover format has a high level of sophistication, Read the rest of this entry »

Rob Roy / Four Color Comics v2 #544 – Russ Manning art

Walt Disney's Rob Roy / Four Color Comics v2 #544, 1954 - Not only does this mark Russ Manning's first Four Color Comics issue, but also the beginning of his long run of tv and film adaptations. The artist struggles on certain panels with character faces and figures. He employs more fine lines than later, more streamlined works. Still, this antique, illustrative look seems appropriate for the Read the rest of this entry »

Infinity Inc #12 – Don Newton art

Infinity Inc. v1 #12, 1985 - Don Newton’s next to last comic book work resides on the first three pages, showing various super-heroes in more mundane settings. On page one, one of the characters awakens to answer a Captain Carrot telephone by his bedside, a bit of industry humor and reference to another DC series. Whereas many artists struggle with the ordinary interaction between people, Newton Read the rest of this entry »

Marvel Comics Presents #83 – Barry Windsor Smith art & cover, Steve Ditko art

Barry Windsor Smith Marvel Comics Presents v1 #83, 1991 - Using Miss Hines as bait, the Professor tries to obliterate Weapon X once and for all. Nearing the end of his run, Barry Smith captures all the rage and intensity of Wolverine's vengeance. His layouts and illustration work in unison, resulting in an outstanding effort. The opening scenes (see interior page above) showcase the artist's Read the rest of this entry »