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Thrilling Comics #71 – Frank Frazetta art

Thrilling Comics v1 #71, 1948 - One of several humorous back-up features, Looie Lazybones and his supporting cast of characters play upon hillbilly stereotypes. Frank Frazetta does a less than impressive job with the artwork, abandoning the fine detailing of previous issues. While better than most of the stories within the same issue, the story just seems to lack artistic inspiration and effort. Read the rest of this entry »

Queen of the West Dale Evans #20 – Russ Manning art

Queen of the West Dale Evans v1 #20, 1958 - Tracking a pair of stagecoach robbers, Dale and Curley reach their final destination: an abandoned house reported to be haunted. His final work on the series, Russ Manning illustrates the tale quite capably. Although confined to a six-panel grid, each page is varied and thoughtfully composed. The majority of panels are framed, except for a sequence of Read the rest of this entry »

Big Town #11 – non-attributed Alex Toth cover?

Big Town v1 #11, 1951 - This odd cover layout takes full advantage of the series' left leaning masthead. Two gunmen shoot through a small opening at the lead characters, a daring reporter and his assistant. While not attributed to Alex Toth in comic book guides, other sources do make the claim. The hero's profile resembles his style, but the foreshortening of the gunmen's arms are poorly Read the rest of this entry »

Roy Rogers and Trigger #111 – Alex Toth art

Roy Rogers and Trigger v1 #111, 1957 - A Texas Ranger searches for an expert safecracker, years after he disappears under an assumed name. Alex Toth's first story for the title is a mere four pages, but outshines every other "Chuckwagon Charlie's Tales" in the series. Close-up shots of the two main characters draw readers into their thoughts and intentions, while the backgrounds convey just Read the rest of this entry »

Pictorial Romances #12 – Matt Baker art, cover & reprint

Matt Baker Pictorial Romances v1 #12, 1952 - Matt Baker's two tales chronicle the lives of two separate conniving women. In "Love Urchin", an airline attendant steals other girls' dates while manning the phones. The main character in "Party Wife" enjoys her role as a glamorous hostess a little too much. The artwork in both cases is elegant and well laid out, despite the heavy amount of text Read the rest of this entry »

Mister Miracle #5 – Jack Kirby art, cover & reprint

Jack Kirby Mister Miracle v1 #5, 1971 - Jack Kirby's art takes a turn for the better as Mike Royer takes over the inking chores. His graphic approach more faithfully retains the dynamism of the original pencils. The feature story only has two splashes, but plenty of ample-sized panels fill the remaining pages. Kirby does an especially beautiful job at depicting Big Barda's strength (see Read the rest of this entry »

Limited Collectors Edition #C-51 / Batman – Neal Adams cover & reprints

Neal Adams Limited Collectors Edition v1 #C-51 / Batman, 1977 - Dedicated to the first encounters between Ra's al Ghul and the Batman, this treasury reprints no less than four splendid Neal Adams tales. These works were originally published in Batman #232, Batman #242, Batman #243 and Batman #244. Accompanying these stories is a new Adams cover featuring all the main characters. This emotive Read the rest of this entry »

Eerie Tales #1 – Al Williamson art

Eerie Tales v1 #1, 1959 - Continuing the tradition of EC horror comics, this magazine series features an array of excellent artwork. The best of these is Lower Than Hell", the tale of a lowly miner and what he would do to impress his beautiful girlfriend. Drawn by Al Williamson, the pages reveal a high level of craft and sophistication. Large, roomy panels throughout contain precise and Read the rest of this entry »

Warlock v2 #6 – Jim Starlin art, cover & reprints

Jim Starlin Warlock v2 #6, 1983 - Jim Starlin's new wrap-around cover replicates a splash from Avengers annual #7. Both versions display an impressive composition, with careful and deliberate placement of figures. Inside, the remaining pages of the annual are reprinted along with Marvel Two-in-One annual #2. While I applaud making these bronze age stories available for new readers, I highly Read the rest of this entry »

Angel and the Ape #5 – Wally Wood art

Angel and the Ape v1 #5, 1969 - Unlike the other Wally Wood issues in this series, the artist makes a relatively small contribution. Inking over Bob Oksner's pencils, Wood makes the artwork his own with seemingly little effort. Some panels are busier than others, but maintain clarity and polish without losing spontaneity. In addition to the cover, Oksner handles the lengthier lead story himself. Read the rest of this entry »