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Young Love v3 #79 – Alex Toth art

Young Love v3 #79, 1970 - Continued from Secret Hearts #142,"20 Miles to Heartbreak" reaches its 4-part conclusion. Melanie must finally comes to terms with her mother's anger and racial prejudice, while her sister Monica enters a new phase in her life. Once again, Alex Toth's supple pencils and Vince Colletta's dominant inks emphasize pacing and composition. Although lacking in detail, the Read the rest of this entry »

Forbidden Worlds #5 – Al Williamson art

Forbidden Worlds v1 #5, 1951 - Suspected of murdering his father, a young man heads for home and stumbles across a portal to the afterlife. Al Williamson makes the best of this convoluted tale, bringing a lush realism not often seen in 1950s comics. The exotic woman's dramatically backlit face on page three, panel six nicely fits her lengthy monologue. Williamson also takes pride in drawing the Read the rest of this entry »

Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #68 – Carl Barks art

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories v1 #68, 1946 - Impeding by his nephews' kite-flying antics, Donald Duck does them one better by building a kite as big as a house. The majority of pages fit eight same-sized panels. Carl Barks varies the widths, but the layouts still seem repetitive. Scenes showing scale and height could have benefited from larger panels as well. Despite this, the artist still Read the rest of this entry »

Danger Is Our Business v2 #9 – Al Williamson / Frank Frazetta reprint

Danger Is Our Business v2 #9, 1958 - This one-shot reprints Danger Is Our Business #1 almost in its entirety. Among the contents is a superb science fiction tale pencilled by Al Williamson and inked by Frank Frazetta. The new cover was provided by E.R. Kinstler. See today's posts or more Williamson, Frazetta or Danger Is Our Business issues. See also this blog's Williamson checklist, Frazetta Read the rest of this entry »

Monsters Unleashed #11 – Frank Brunner cover

Frank Brunner Monsters Unleashed v1 #11, 1973 - Gabriel the Devil Hunter fends off supernatural forces emerging from the graveyard. This Frank Brunner cover is rich, detailed and perhaps a tad too colorful. The worm's eye view does add dynamism to the general layout. While not among his best bronze age covers, Brunner's effort largely meets expectations. Other artists in this issue include Read the rest of this entry »

Teen-age Romances #34 – Matt Baker art & cover

Matt Baker Teen-age Romances v1 #34, 1953 - A teenage girl's wild parties have unintended results in this beautifully illustrated Matt Baker tale. The cover is somewhat suggestive for the 1950s, but tame by today's standards. Certain scenes may have also elicited a bigger response during that era, but romance comics rarely contained hard drug abuse or or overt sexuality. As usual, Baker Read the rest of this entry »

Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian #1 – Barry Windsor Smith reprints & cover reprint

Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian v1 #1, 1983 - Barry Windsor Smith's lengthy masterpiece, "Red Nails" is reprinted here in color for only the second time. Originally published in Savage Tales #2 and #3, this two-parter was first reprinted in Marvel Treasury Edition #4. Smith's unrelated cover comes from Conan the Barbarian #21. See today's posts or more Smith or Robert E. Howard's Conan Read the rest of this entry »

Batman #361 – Don Newton art

Batman v1 #361, 1983 - In an act of revenge, Man-Bat kidnaps the Batman's partner Jason Todd. Don Newton's opening splash is deceptively quiet but sets an ominous tone for the rest of the book. Layouts are varied, although some are more effective than others. Pablo Marcos' inks lack definition in a handful of panels, but for most scenes maintain a good balance of lights and darks (see interior Read the rest of this entry »

Secret Hearts #142 – Alex Toth art

Secret Hearts v1 #142, 1971 - In chapter three of "20 Miles to Heartbreak" (continued from Secret Hearts #141), Melanie and her sister Monica feel the full force of their obsessive mother's wrath. Alex Toth's pacing is dependably sound, despite the sameness of his page layouts. Facial close-ups and changing viewpoints offset some of the repetition. Toth's pencils are ultimately watered down by Read the rest of this entry »

Out of the Night #2 – Al Williamson art

Out of the Night v1 #2, 1952 - A large voodoo drum is spirited away from its native Haiti by two westerners, only to suffer the consequences later. This Al Williamson effort is less finely detailed than the previous issue, with a tad heavier line quality. Certain panels contain too much narration, confining his drawings to smaller areas. Although the weakest of his three stories for this Read the rest of this entry »